You might already know that Netherlands is a country where little importance is given to censorship or enforcing proper copyrights law in the country. And that is why Dutch netizens are least bothered when it comes to downloading pirated movies or music online. It is quite mind-boggling, considering the fact that Netherlands is part of European Union.

Now, you may ask, “Why Dutch netizens need a VPN then?” Or more specifically, “What’s the use of a Netherlands VPN service?” Well, we have answered the question already. Netherlands is part of EU and it has to follow the EU Data Retention Directive (DRD).

The directive is as invasive as you expect it to be and makes online privacy a far-fetched dream in Netherlands. So using a Dutch VPN service is indeed not a choice, but a must for internet users.

Another concern for Dutch netizens is the NSA’s international spying projects. If the world has learned anything from Edward Snowden vs. NSA dilemma, it is that the internet is the most vulnerable space, and your privacy is at risk 24/7. The truth is Dutch people need a good Netherlands VPN service, to avoid being spied on and getting the logs of their online activities on someone’s storage device. In fact, the need of a good Netherlands VPN service couldn’t be direr as the country has over 92 percent internet users.

We would like to delve a bit more on privacy concerns of a common internet user in Netherlands but for now, let’s get straight to the 5 best Netherlands VPN services.

5 Best VPN For NetherlandsAre:






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