How To Create Your Own Proxy Server List

if you are looking to learn how to create your own and “private” proxy list you arrived in the right place. in this post, we will cover the two simple steps that are needed for this task.

First Step: Find IP Addresses and create IP list


For this step, you will need an IP scanner. we recommend SuperScan  V4.0 A freeware software that we use to create an IP list. you can download it here.

after downloading and installing SuperScan, open it and do the followings :

  1. Click “Port list” and add these ports: 80, 8080, 3128, 6588 and for Socks 4 and 5 Proxy servers use Port 1080.
  3. Additional setup :
    • Ping: 500
    • Connect: 2000
    • Read: 4000
  4. It’s Crucial to place an excellent IP address Variety to check for which has a high possibility of Proxy Servers. an excellent beginning point is to find an excellent working proxy someplace on the internet and also use that for your scanning. For instance, if you find a good HTTP or Socks proxy at the IP address claim as an example, utilize those 2 values in the scanner: To
  5. Save the list to a file – you will need it for the second step. 

Second Step: Find IP Address in this list is a proxy server

You gathered some IP addresses and now you want to know which one of them is a proxy server. to do so, you will need another free tool called Charon. you can download it here.

Open Charon software and load the list you saved in the previous step. all IP addresses will be uploaded to the main window.

  1. Check Proxies”>” Check Anonymity of All Proxies” 


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